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AD lite retroreflective paint

AD lite Retro-Reflective paint is from world's best raw materials and therefore has commitment for uniform and consistant retror-eflection.the paint has extra wide angle retro-reflection and hence can beapplied on critically demanding locations along with broader spectrum of subjects.

AD lite can be applied to

Crush Guard, W Beam crash barrier, Guard rail, Median, Parapet wall Of bridge, Police barriers, Toll plaza, Railway leve crossing gates, Tree (as road delineators), Guard stones, Electric poles and many more.


  • AD lite Retro-Reflective paint is a reliable solution to enhance night time visiblity for better road safety.
  • Retro-reflective paint captures,intensifies and reflects back to the source making the road objects highly conspicuous.
  • Retro-reflective paint can be easily applied to varied surfaces like wood,stone concrete,plastic etc.,making the paint a single solution for almost all kinds of objects & surfaces.
  • Retro-reflective paint is a modern tool to increase visibility and reduce accident.


Application of Retro-reflective paint is very easy and can be done by anyone who has no experience in painting.

Kindly check our application guide leaflet or scan the QR code For demo Video.

AD Lite details

  • AD Lite Retroreflective paint is translucent due to which it is virtually invisible to moving traffic in the daytime and give very good retro-reflection at night time to drivers under vehicle light.

  • AD Lite Retroreflective paint can be applied on various available surfaces like Trees, Guard Stone, Electric Poles, Median, kerb stone, Parapet Wall, Bridge wall, Obstructing Stones and Tree, W beam Crash Barriers Etc,. Thereby reducing OR eliminating the cost of substrate and concrete, which is a major component in making any object retro-reflective. Further, it is non-peal able, which makes it antitheft.

  • AD Lite Retroreflective paint meets values of Type I grade of Retro- Reflection as per ASTM D 4956 & Type I Engineer Grade Sheeting as per IRC 67-2012 page No. 13 No. table 6.3. and comes with 1 year warranty after application.

  • 1 Liter of AD Lite Retroreflective paint covers approximately 100 Sqft / 10 Sqmtr. Thereby making it a very economical and practical.

  • D Lite Retroreflective paint can be applied by any unskilled worker with brush OR Roller OR Spray OR screen.

1. Features

  • Cost effective.
  • Wide anularity.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Allow speedy and easy application ideally using a paint roller.
  • Coverage of approx 10 square meter in 1 Ltr.
  • 1 year self life and 1 year retro-reflectivity warranty*
  • Can be appliied on low temperature, down upto 5C

2. Storage

  • The Retro-reflective paint is highly inflammable, therefore keep the paint away from sunlight,fire and extremely hot places.

3. Warranty

  • The Retro-reflective paint comes with 1 year warranty subject to condition that the paint has not been wilfully or chemically damaged or it has not been subject to negligence,mishandling or that it has not been altered or adulterated in any means.
  • The paint should also be applied in accordance to the guidelines.(please read our the guarantee guide leaflet or scan the QR code for demo video. )
  • The guarantee of paint is limited to replacement of product which with a new one only and the manufacturer will assume no liability for any direct or consequential expreses or losses.